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OfCom has allocated MB6CA the frequency of  144.8125 mHz 

to provide  DStar Gateway linking for North Cumbria.


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Live View of Current Activity on MB6CA



** Linking is now provided for DPlus, XRF and DCS Reflectors **


MB6CA now remains linked to DCS005 B when left idle for more than 20 mins.

(UPDATED  14th Feb 18

 Just send an unlink "U" command if you would like to link to any Reflector (updated 14th Feb 18 )

Please leave unlinked when you have finished your QSL on another Reflector by sending the "U" command.


 CCS7 Direct Routing is now provided

MB6CA DTMF code = (234)1298

Using CCS7 with an Icom radio

If you program old-fashioned memories that set UrCall, RPT1 and RPT2, then the commands for DPlus, DExtra and DCS are essentially the same (e.g UrCall=REF001CL, DCS006BL, XRF001AL).  But to do CCS7 connections, the format is slightly different. The format is: URCall=Cxxxxxxx, where "xxxxxxx" is the desired CCS7 id corresponding to callsign. 

The developers of the CCS7 system are in the middle of the transition from the original CCS4 system to CCS7, but hopefully everyone will soon be on CCS7, so the following applies for using CCS7:
Example: Connect to CCS7 id 1234567 
  •  DTMF "1234567"   -or-
  •  URCall C1234567
Disconnect from CCS7 connection
  •  DTMF “A”   -or-
  •  UrCall C
Note: In the newer Icom radios such as the ID-31, ID-51, ID-5100, and IC-7100, the URCall settings mentioned in the above examples may be programmed into "DV Memory" / "Your Call Sign". Doing so enables the operator to select the desired CCS7 id using the "TO" field of DR mode display.

For more info on CCS7 follow this link   



MB6CA now uses G4KLX's Repeater & Gateway software to control the node. 

This software supports both "I" for Information and "E" for Echo facilities.

Full voice prompts for Link, Unlink etc. are provided.

Also linking using DTMF codes is available.

MB6CA is now a registered ircDDB Gateway - activity can be seen on the ircDDB Gateway website


Please contact Tony at    MB6CA"at"btinternet.com  for further details and to send your reports....


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